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Principle, Unity, and Effectiveness

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

While I approach Republican politics from a certain tradition within the party, I learned early on that it’s a mistake to simplify and personalize differences. People interested in politics are motivated by a variety of things. People are capable of improving their perspectives. Disagreement doesn’t necessarily mean one side is righteous and the other is evil. Politics is important but it’s not going to save anyone’s soul or usher in the Kingdom of God in its fullness. Politics in a fallen world is imperfect and the GOP is a coalition.

In the late 1970s, I figured out that Clay County Supervisor Leon Triggs was a good person even though he was a Ford supporter and I was in the Reagan camp. Soon-to-be State Representative Lee Holt, another Ford backer, was kind enough to drive me to the 1976 district platform convention in his Cadillac—even though he was a “country club Republican” and I was middle class and populist.

I would like to serve as a bridge builder for Republicans of District 2—for social conservatives and economic conservatives, for King voters and Feenstra voters, for those who are enthusiastic about Trump and those who are uncomfortable with Trump’s style. Unity can be achieved without mushy thinking or compromise of core principles.

I have something to offer a variety of Republicans. I can effectively promote a principled and full-bodied conservatism if given the opportunity to serve you as a state senator in Des Moines.

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